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TextWe are authors ourselves and we have worked directly with more than 14,000 authors in the past 3 years to help them to promote their books via our sister site, eBooksHabit.com.

We know what authors want… they want more exposure! We will help you to promote your book, free, discounted, or otherwise, to our followers on Twitter.

We will tweet your book 24 times a day, to our 505,000+ followers across our 2 accounts (@eBooksHabit, @TheBookTweeters). These are real followers comprised of mainly readers and authors that we have connected with!

Your book will be tweeted throughout the day at random intervals on each account! This allows people to see it no matter what time of day they are on Twitter to help ensure maximum exposure!  (Tweets go out between 3:00am and 8:00pm Pacific time, with more frequent tweets during prime time when people are home.)

You may enter your desired tweets below, or you can provide us with the book link and promo details, and we will construct the tweet for you! Whichever way you prefer is fine with us! Then, after we process the order, we will tweet your books on the dates you ordered!




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  • 1 Day
  • 24 Tweets
  • 505,000+ Followers
  • Book Exposure

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2 Days of Tweets
  • 2 Days
  • 48 Tweets
  • 505,000+ Followers
  • More Exposure

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  • 4 Days
  • 96 Tweets
  • 505,000+ Followers
  • High Exposure

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5 Days of Tweets
  • 5 Days
  • 120 Tweets
  • 505,000+ Followers
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NOTE: We do not accept books with hate speech and we reserve the right to not accept other books that we deem not appropriate for our audience, without explanation (you will receive a refund).

Please make sure all tweets are at most PG-13.

ALSO: We need at least 48 hours notice in order to properly process your order. Thank you for this consideration.

Are you having problems completing payment? Please try to submit again (with a different browser if possible). Then, if you still aren’t able to, please use the Contact Us button to let us know, so we can get it solved so we can promote your books.

Fine Print
— As noted above, we reserve the right to reject books, without a reason given. If a book is not approved, we will refund you in full.

— We make no guarantees as to how many retweets, favorites, clicks, or sales your tweets or links will receive. We only guarantee that we have built a legitimate following of mostly readers and authors, and that the amount of tweets you order will be fulfilled.

— Please ensure that your tweet character counts are correct. We will attempt to make sure that they are correct, and will make necessary changes. If your character counts are not correct, we assume no responsibility for the corrections/edits made by our staff.

— We cannot make changes to the tweets after we have entered them into our system, so please ensure the links, details, etc. are correct. We can only make corrections due to errors on our end.

— We love working with authors, but we’re human. We will make mistakes. We will do what we can to rectify the mistakes, but please treat us like humans and with decency if we make a mistake on your order. Thank you.

— If you are looking for a BookTweeters coupon, we only release them via our previous customers email list. The ones you find on other sites will usually be expired by the time you find them. Place an order above, then you will be on the list to get updates and coupons.